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Bottom Delivery Conveyor:

All Poly Idler End Shown, & Adjustable Incline Assy.

Single Chain Conveyor:

Top Delivery Conveyor: Available in ALL Plastic (white section), or Painted Wood sides, PolyUrethane wood floor,  Choice of 18", 24" or 30" Wide;  #55, # 62, Steel detachable chain, or #662  Pintle Chain, or CA550 Ag Roller Chain, Inclines & Declines Available- PRECUT or you cut. Built in Drive as shown, or mount on drive similar to Bottom Delivery conveyors.


Manufacturing the ORIGINAL  Rissler Wood conveyors since, 1971


  Treated Pine is used on the sides, to prevent rotting, wood wears longer and will not rust, like steel. Many are in use over 20 years.

  Oak Rails   -or-    POLY rails

  Choice of;    OAK or POLY flights/ paddles      on chain choice of #55 or # 62 steel detachable   OR   #662 pintle chain.

  Plywood floors, covered with poyurethane    -or-  Poly Floor

    ALL POLY conveyors , Provide longevity under wet conditions, such as under Big Jim Silo unloaders. Or other constant wet areas.

    Drive choices; Standard top,   Heavy Duty,    Underslung(for tight low clearance areas) TOP DELIVERY; built in drive with adjustment at idler end.      or;     mounted with adjustment at drive end.    

    Accessories; Adjustable Spreader board for Feeders.  Hoppers, for each load point. Safety Covers for low mounted conveyors ,such as on feed room floor. Precut Slides/Dropout points.  Multiple feed zones. Precut INCLINES or  DECLINES.  Adjustable Incline or Decline. s.s. cover.  Solid Top, carry feed on top then drop onto lower level, make conveyor or feeder do double duty.  Tie stall barn feeders.


Originally designed by Martin Rissler , in Stevens, Pa as Rissler Conveyor, in 1965 , with the assistance of ,Edwin Rissler , who was the founder of E Rissler Mfg. LLC. 

Edwin built the business by listening to farmers and working hard to make the farmer more profitable. (At least on the end he could help control)

The sudden passing of Edwin,(October 2008) has left a big chair to fill, though with the great team of employees we are showing that we are a strong contender.